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Lt. Randal Ovcen (Retired)
There are many ways to communicate to others. At times it can be subtle, and at other times it needs to be clear, direct and uncompromising. The work environment in a fire department provides the opportunity to practice both. This is more a review of why Allan's work in communication is so successful. HE PRACTICES WHAT HE TEACHES AND IT WORKS! I've seen it practiced as well as experienced it. I've had the pleasure to work in the same department and the same station as Allan London. It's true, he always showed up early just as he said he did all those years ago when he first became involved in the fire department. He was the officer that relieved me at the end of my shift. There is nothing worse than working a long shift and sitting on pins and needles waiting for a minuteman to relieve you. This subtle form of communication speaks volumes of the type of person he is, someone that values and respects his fellow officers and firefighters. I've also seen Allan in action on emergency scenes and again, when stress levels are high he showed those around him how to communicate clearly and directly what needed to be done. Not only to get the job done but earn the trust-- and protect those under his care and supervision, once more showing the value he places in others. He has been a liaison to the public, a leader to his crew and someone management could depend on. And that was only his duties at work. Then it's time to go home to be husband and a father! More communication. Allan has mastered communications in all aspects of his life. Who better to learn from? His style of instruction keeps things fresh, interesting and easy to follow. Anyone at any level will benefit from his years of experience. This book needs to be a mandatory course in the fire service.