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 Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (Book Marketing Expert)
Empowering and Educational Wisdom All In One Book! Review Rating: 5 Stars from Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (http://emercecontent.com/) Fabulous Stories And Wisdom of 3 Decades of Noble Service—Be Empowered and Educated About Effective Communication! Fire-fighter, Author Allan London, has pretty well seen it all and has filled the courageous role of self-sacrifice for more than 3 decades. His effective communication has been a lifesaver for thousands. Allan is now ready to share his secrets—the 14 principles of effective communication, supplied with life-experience examples and thought-provoking solutions. Empowering experiences we can learn from and apply to our business, family/relationships, and our own well-being. “The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer” is a book filled with remarkable stories and wisdom of noble service—be ready to be empowered and educated about effective communication. ALSO, a chapter on sleep apnea which has remedies…solutions to all who have sleeping issues is very interesting and helpful. Genre: Self Help, Resource