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Neal de Jesus
Fire Chief
Lt. Allan London is masterful in presenting arguably the most prevalent challenge in the Fire Service today….Communications. With Fire Rescue personnel spending one third of their lives with one another in a single family setting and also responding to emergency incidents together, their ability to communicate effectively is absolutely critical and paramount to their ability not only to live together but to work together both in a non-emergency and emergency setting. Lt. London presents this important issue in a manner that is not only simple to understand but more importantly practical to apply. As a career Firefighter, Fire Officer, Chief Fire Officer, Fire Chief and now Consultant teaching Fire Officer Development, I am confident that Allan’s book can, will and already has helped countless personnel be more effective communicators. If you are already in the Fire Service, regardless of your rank, I would strongly encourage you to consider reading it. I’m confident that it will change your ability to follow, supervise, manage and lead!