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This is a must read for every firefighter. Allan shows his years of experience and vast knowledge of good communication. Much can be learned by paying attention to what is written by Lt. London.

This is a great book written by one of the finest Fire Officers that I have ever served with. Allan London is a lead by example leader. During his years in The Fire Service he has seen the need for effective communication at all levels. This insight is a must read for every member of the Fire Service.

Allan's book is not just about Communication - it's about excellence , professionalism , care, and public serving - an attitude that is sometimes missing or not thought enough in today's firefighters and fire officers.
Must read examples and tricks for leadership and for those aspirating for a leadership position !
Remember Leadership is an attitude not a rank ! ,
Read the 14 points Allan's is teaching - and lead by example :)

Idan .

There are many ways to communicate to others. At times it can be subtle, and at other times it needs to be clear, direct and uncompromising. The work environment in a fire department provides the opportunity to practice both. This is more a review of why Allan's work in communication is so successful. HE PRACTICES WHAT HE TEACHES AND IT WORKS! I've seen it practiced as well as experienced it. I've had the pleasure to work in the same department and the same station as Allan London. It's true, he always showed up early just as he said he did all those years ago when he first became involved in the fire department. He was the officer that relieved me at the end of my shift. There is nothing worse than working a long shift and sitting on pins and needles waiting for a minuteman to relieve you. This subtle form of communication speaks volumes of the type of person he is, someone that values and respects his fellow officers and firefighters. I've also seen Allan in action on emergency scenes and again, when stress levels are high he showed those around him how to communicate clearly and directly what needed to be done. Not only to get the job done but earn the trust-- and protect those under his care and supervision, once more showing the value he places in others. He has been a liaison to the public, a leader to his crew and someone management could depend on. And that was only his duties at work. Then it's time to go home to be husband and a father! More communication. Allan has mastered communications in all aspects of his life. Who better to learn from? His style of instruction keeps things fresh, interesting and easy to follow. Anyone at any level will benefit from his years of experience. This book needs to be a mandatory course in the fire service.

by Neal R. de Jesus, Fire Chief (Retired) on The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer

Lt. Allan London is masterful in presenting arguably the most prevalent challenge in the Fire Service today….Communications. With Fire Rescue personnel spending one third of their lives with one another in a single family setting and also responding to emergency incidents together, their ability to communicate effectively is absolutely critical and paramount to their ability not only to live together but to work together both in a non-emergency and emergency setting. Lt. London presents this important issue in a manner that is not only simple to understand but more importantly practical to apply. As a career Firefighter, Fire Officer, Chief Fire Officer, Fire Chief and now Consultant teaching Fire Officer Development, I am confident that Allan’s book can, will and already has helped countless personnel be more effective communicators. If you are already in the Fire Service, regardless of your rank, I would strongly encourage you to consider reading it. I’m confident that it will change your ability to follow, supervise, manage and lead!

This book was about so much more then effective communication. The authors ability to relate subjects, and his life experience made this book a great read. This book is for anyone in the fire service not just the fire officer.

Allan London (2013) The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer
In the fire service, effective communication is critical, whether at emergency incidents, interacting with the community or in the fire house. Allan London, with his 34 years in the fire service, covers many aspects that are vital to being an effective communicator, and backs them up with personal anecdotes that drive home his 14 key points of effective communication. Communicating effectively as London points out, helps members of any organization build trust and respect, and achieve common goals. This book is not written for only fire service personnel but for anyone wanting to effectively improve their communication skills.

Allan does a great job of simplifying a difficult subject into easy, understandable segments that make you appreciate how good communication influences everyone's life. This book is not just for those in the fire service, but rather for everyone who wants to learn how to communicate more effectively. Well done!

Inspirational, educational and uplifting-- cannot do justice to this book from Allan London. As it is, fire fighters don't get enough credit for what they have to do and go through. Allan, I personally want to congratulate you on an excellent job with this book. When it comes from the heart-- and experience, as Allan has displayed in this book, then you cannot go wrong. I have shared this book with several people for many different reasons. Allan, I say this to you, With all of your time served and good deeds, I wish you continued success!!

-Joe Frazier Jr-

Allan London has written an important contribution to the fire service. I think this book should be required reading for all fire officers.

Joe D'Albert
Retired FDNY

by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (Book Marketing Expert) on The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer

Empowering and Educational Wisdom All In One Book!
Review Rating: 5 Stars from Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (
Fabulous Stories And Wisdom of 3 Decades of Noble Service—Be Empowered and Educated About Effective Communication!
Fire-fighter, Author Allan London, has pretty well seen it all and has filled the courageous role of self-sacrifice for more than 3 decades. His effective communication has been a lifesaver for thousands. Allan is now ready to share his secrets—the 14 principles of effective communication, supplied with life-experience examples and thought-provoking solutions. Empowering experiences we can learn from and apply to our business, family/relationships, and our own well-being. “The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer” is a book filled with remarkable stories and wisdom of noble service—be ready to be empowered and educated about effective communication. ALSO, a chapter on sleep apnea which has remedies…solutions to all who have sleeping issues is very interesting and helpful.
Genre: Self Help, Resource

by Josh Tullis (Goodreads member) on The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer

Josh's review Nov 07, 13
5 of 5 stars
Recommended for: All in the Fire Service
Read from October 07 to November 07, 2013 — I own a copy

Al London's book, The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer, is a mix of anecdotes from his own storied past with sage advice that's truly useful for today. Through the power of true life parables, Lieutenant London educates and entertains his readers all at once on both the follies and effectiveness he's witnessed from fire station communication. This book empowers not only officers but truly anyone in the fire service with wisdom from a lifetime of service.

I perused this book slowly, digesting each piece, over a the course of one month. Dwelling on the simple yet evocative lessons therein reawakened the pride of the fire department's stalwart history and made me want to be the best I can be every time I step foot in a pair of bunker boots, or out of them. If you're a firefighter, read this book. If you're a fire officer, read this book. Wisdom like this can really bring us together in the noble service we're a part of, and that's a rare gift these days. Simply put, The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer inspires you to be a better man, woman, firefighter, or leader.

The practical application that's woven into the stories are what really lends this book its purpose. Lt. London helps us focus on maintaining dignity, earning respect, the effectiveness of empathy, and overcoming tunnel vision. All of this is spelled out within the framework of exchanging ideas and thoughts in a way that gets results and builds trust at the same time. You can lead the wrong way, is London's sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious warning to his readers. But working together, learning from fine leaders like Mr. London himself, and being willing to make a stand for the equal esteem all men deserve, is the best lesson of all.

To Lt. Al London - my sincere thanks.

I recommend every first responder should read the book.Thank you for taking the enormous time and energy to write this book about fire rescue personal survival through the art of effective communication and giving credit and understanding the human side to the many who unselfishly serve and those we serve.
David P Loh, PC lll
Commonwealth of Massachusets-Executive office of Public Safety and Security-Department of Fire Services
MFA-Special Hazards Training Branch

by Chief of Department Joseph R. Lello on The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer

Lieutenant Allan London has chosen a vital topic critical for success in today’s fire service. Good communication is an art form often not practiced by enough fire officers in this most critical of professions. As articulated in his book, communication can have many forms. However, when the art of effective communication is mastered, outcomes produced have a powerful positive impact on all individuals involved. Allan has presented a down to earth format which, if followed, will produce outstanding results.

by Don(the dragon) Wilson World Champion martial artist and actor on The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer


by Trade Channel Magazine, Hong Kong on The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer

This is an incredible book being marketed in over 80 countries