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In a world full of communication breakdowns — where nation fights against nation, neighbor fights against neighbor and so many are misunderstood —  there is much to be learned from the communication challenges inherent in a fire station where egos run rampant.  In no other context is it as urgent that communication work well than in firefighting. And there’s no better observer and expert on those lessons than Allan London, a firefighter with more than three decades of experience making communication decisions that save lives. London identifies the root of all communication issues at the source, and offers solid, workable solutions, in his new book The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer.

In his 38 years as a firefighter, officer, teacher, instructor, and mentor, London gathered the wisdom and experience needed to communicate powerfully when it matters most.

With humor, humility, and passion, London weaves his crucial lessons in successful communication — practical remedies to the most deeply entrenched, universal issues — with entertaining stories and anecdotes from his esteemed career as a fire officer. The fire station and the fire offer an apt metaphor and a compelling backdrop for this essential education.

Learn how disaster can be prevented and we can thrive, collaborate and flourish —  thanks to communication that really works. Discover the difference it can make to everything you do — how disaster can be averted and positive outcomes enhanced — when people communicate productively, with respect, integrity and efficiency.

Let the crucial essential lessons of the fire station infuse your communications with purpose and impact. Immerse yourself in the Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer and uplevel your communication skills and abilities — for unimaginable benefits in family, work, community and more. Everyone will find value in this appealing and heartfelt call to action for better communication in our world.