The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer by Allan London

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After 38 years as a firefighter, officer, teacher, instructor, and mentor, Allan clearly identifies where the problems lie and offers solutions to solve them. Allan's involvement in international trade for the last twenty years has also taught him how to communicate well with others -- spanning the globe. Don't let this title fool you, although it is written based on situations that took place during Allan's career in the fire service, Allan's solutions work well in all aspects of life.



This is a must read for every firefighter. Allan shows his years of experience and vast knowledge of good communication. Much can be learned by paying attention to what is written by Lt. London.

This is a great book written by one of the finest Fire Officers that I have ever served with. Allan London is a lead by example leader. During his years in The Fire Service he has seen the need for effective communication at all levels. This insight is a must read for every member of the Fire Service.

Allan's book is not just about Communication - it's about excellence , professionalism , care, and public serving - an attitude that is sometimes missing or not thought enough in today's firefighters and fire officers.
Must read examples and tricks for leadership and for those aspirating for a leadership position !
Remember Leadership is an attitude not a rank ! ,
Read the 14 points Allan's is teaching - and lead by example :)

Idan .

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